Music is an essential part of the human experience and can provide joy, pain, nostalgia, and any number of feelings and sensations. With his most recent album, Franklin spectacularly covers the whole spectrum of emotions associated with love – from the butterflies and uncertainties of the initial phases of puppy love, to dealing with the grief of a break-up, then on to the deceptions of love as well as the glorious splendor of a perfect lifelong romance. His smooth vocals range from pop to folk to rock to jazz. His music can be paired nicely with a glass of Chianti a Scotch or... a Manhattan. Ready? Ok, check it out HERE

Experiencing MUSIC
with Josh Franklin

Meet Josh Franklin
Raised in Colorado Springs, he is a Colorado boy at heart, though he has lived in the big apple for the past 10 years and calls NYC home.

As a composer, he has written the music and lyrics to his debut album released in 2014 and produced by Dave Sharma and Grammy Award winner Peter Wade. His second album, "SPENT", now available on iTunes, was recorded with all local talent in Franklin’s hometown of Colorado Springs, CO and features a production team headed by world renowned musician and producer Thomas Dawson Jr. of The Commodores.

Having already recieved numorous accolades for his work on Broadway (Jersey Boys, Grease, All Shook Up, Anything Goes, Ghost, Legally Blonde) and having performed alongside such musical legends as Aretha Franklin, Kylie Minogue, and Barry Manilow, “Spent” shines a spotlight on Franklin’s immense talent as a composer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (guitar,piano) recording artist. And, that voice! Critics have already been raving about it for years, applauding "The standout voice… [that] possesses a rich and full range which is displayed to superb effect” and commending his “well-trained, silky, lyric Baritone voice.”